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The Bohlsen Restaurant Group is always looking for qualified applicants to join our ranks. We are especially looking for people with a curious intelligence, a strong work ethic, self-awareness, integrity, a caring empathy and a warm and friendly character.
Experience is a plus, but not a necessity.

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EEO Statement
Bohlsen Restaurant Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer, supporting a diverse work environment that fosters communication and involvement, while providing reward and recognition for team and individual achievement. All qualified individuals seeking job opportunities with the Company will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, physical impairment or national origin.

Web Site Usage
Submission of information by an individual for a vacant position with the Company via this site does not necessarily mean and should in no way be construed as establishing the individual as an "applicant" for the purposes of the Company's compliance with Executive Order 11246 or Federal Affirmative Action laws and regulations. In accordance with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance's interpretation of the term applicant in Q&A 15 [44 Fed. Reg. 11996 (March 2, 1979)], each of the Company's locations reserve the right to define the term applicant in a manner consistent with its specific recruitment and selection procedures.